My Story

Hi my name is Michelle E. Saddler Arrué.  I am originally from country of Guatemala and now live in the United States of America.  My first language is Spanish and I am fluent in English.  Ever since I was little I have had a desire to create pretty things.  My favorite toys as a child was a box of crayons and a stack of paper.  I never left the house without paper and crayons; they were always in my mama’s purse.  I enjoy crocheting, making cold porcelain dolls, 3D foamy art, jewelry making and of course paper crafting.  I also enjoy cooking.  My husband says that I make vegetables into the most wonderful feast that he has ever tried.
I taught Home Economics in Guatemala for 10 years, at the same time I was getting my Bachelor Degree in Interior Design.  After graduating I worked for an Interior Design firm for 1 year before coming to the United States.

I would say that LOVE bring me to the USA.  About ten years ago I met a wonderful man that was visiting my country and it was like love at first site.  We dated for three LONG years and then packed my life in three overweight suitcases moving to the United States and got married.  I have been blessed with nine years of wonderful marriage and we have two crazy dogs.  While being in the USA I have been involved in church serving/teaching in the children's ministry and I have never stopped creating new crafts every day.

What is Cositos by Michelle?

'Cositos' is a spanish slang word for thingies.  'Cositos by Michelle' is a Sole Proprietor site to display all the unique creations that I have designed.  My crafting skills are specialized in Card Making with stamping/dies, Cold Porcelain Doll making and Foamy Art.  If you are interested in any of my designs please email me for information or submit a request for any custom design work that you would like done.

Our History

'Cositos by Michelle' started in 2012 and has grown so far to what you see today.

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